Ball press KULISEK

is a graphic tool for artists of all age groups. It can be used for linocut print, blind tooling, collage print, copperplate print, dry point print or papercut print – for nature printing on paper or textile (T-shirt, bag). It makes perfect print of leaves or grass blades on a T-shirt or bag. 
You can read about its origin:
  • Designed (by ŠMK) and made in the Czech Republic. Hand-painted.
  • Dimensions: diameter 3,54 in, height 2,56 in, weight 1,32 lb. (details are approximate, it is the handiwork)
  • Registered at Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic.


Dobrokulisek (Good-kulisek) – 4 per cent for Lucie, Marek and others: If you buy this product, you make a contribution of 4 per cent of the paid price for rehabilitation of Lucie Čechová and Marek Kovařík from Olomouc and for assistive devices for them. Thank you!


ABOUT KULISEK - Instructions for use:

Apply paint to the matrix (linocut, collage, leaf…) with a roller or an ink ball. Put the painted matrix on a clean board and cover it with a paper. Hold the paper and the matrix with one hand, and run Kulisek over it in various directions with the other hand. Press it sufficiently. Be careful not to move both the matrix and paper. Pick up the paper with clean hands.

Collage print: A fish: cut it out of paper. You can cut the scales, stars and eyes out of little pieces and glue them on the fish. You can also glue pieces of string onto the tail. Let it dry. Roll printing ink with a roller on glass and apply it on the fish (the collage). Take the fish onto clean surface with the painted side up and cover it with a paper. Hold the paper and the matrix during the process. Run Kulisek over it in all directions.

Take off the imprint carefully. You can also use an ink ball (made of a piece of cloth) instead of roller. There must be only a thin layer of colour, though.

Blind tooling: Angel: cut the figure of an angel out of paper. Glue eyes and hair made of pieces of string on it. You can make clothes from stars or circles cut out of lace. Let it dry. In the meantime, make the paper wet and put it between clean newspaper to keep getting damp. Put the damp paper on the angel, then put dry paper on it and run Kulisek over it. Take off the blind tooling and let it dry. It looks beautiful as a greeting card or when it is on the wall lit by a sidelight. Or you can spread dry blind tooling with gold powdery paint lightly with your finger.

Linocut: Carve a picture with a stylus and apply paint to it with a roller. Put it on a clean board (preferably clean white paper) with the painted side up and cover it with a paper. Run Kulisek over it and then take off the imprint carefully.

Nature printing – leaves, grass blades, feathers: Apply thin layer of paint to a leaf with an ink ball or a roller. Put it on a clean board and cover it with a paper. Run Kulisek over it and take off the imprint.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 4 years – there is a risk of swallowing or inhaling of small parts, or their insertion into nose or ears. When a ball falls onto the floor and someone steps on it, there is a risk of a slip, falling down, or injury. Do not expose it to temperature higher than 60 degrees centigrade. Do not bring it near to computers, cell phones, electronic devices, because there is a risk of damaging the devices by magnetic field (there is a strong magnet in Kulisek). People with electronic cardiac pacemakers must be very carefully. Do not use it in another way than is given and do not use it for other purposes.


Billing data: 

Mgr. Šárka Marxová Kvochová

Praskova 1
779 00  Olomouc, Česká republika

IČ: 04327632
Bank contact: 2800851283/2010 FIO


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